With the Female Fund, women will be the actors of the financial sector

Lovisa Löwenborg, founder of the Female Fund, would like to be an example for young women and show them that what they want to do is possible

With the Female Fund, women will be the actors of the financial sector

The first Luxembourg investment fund entirely owned by women received its approval last September from the Financial Sector Surveillance Commission (CSSF). The Female Fund aims to support responsible investment and promote female shareholding. Its founder, Lovisa Löwenborg, tells us more about this innovative initiative.

Are funds exclusively a male affair? The answer is no. And it is not Lovisa Löwenborg who will say the opposite. The 36-year-old investor of Swedish origin specializing in real estate and co-founder of the Wire Invest investor group recently launched an unusual investment vehicle in Luxembourg.

The Female Fund , that’s its name, wants to support sustainable investments and promote female shareholders but also equality within the financial sector, in accordance with article 8 of the SFDR regulations. It aims to invest in companies that actively contribute to solving global problems like climate change and biodiversity loss. Its regulated structure allows it to collaborate with institutional players and asset managers around the world. It is an “evolution” of the investment group founded in Sweden in 2018.

Its launch from the Grand Duchy owes nothing to chance. “It’s a very good place to do international trade,” thanks to its good relations with the European Union, points out the young woman. “If you want to build something global and you want to stay close to the market where you have your assets, I think Luxembourg is the best place to do it.”

The facilities of a regulated structure

This vehicle wants to give women the opportunity “to be part of the financial sector,” says Lovisa Löwenborg. But also to invest in other products and to “participate in the development of the future”. “If you invest your money, you also have the power to make decisions and participate in development,” she notes. The emphasis on environmental, social and governance criteria is not a fashion statement. According to the investor, in a post-covid-19 period, “ESG is increasingly on the agenda. It is therefore completely natural today to invest in funds and projects of this kind.

Initially, the Female Fund will be a real estate fund with ESG accents. Its founder is already imagining a second type of venture capital (VC) for female entrepreneurs. “I would like to already have the first one in place so that it is operational and we can control it. Then we can start the next one,” she warns.

The first fundraising will take place this fall, with a target of at least 10 million euros to start investing at the beginning of 2024. They will continue to come only from investors from around the world. With a regulated structure, it becomes easier to collaborate with wealth managers, banks and insurance companies. 50 women would invest “either in cash or through a private investor or a company, if they have one and through the assets they would like to invest. It is also possible to come with your own firm or capital insurance if you have one. If we have savings in capital insurance, we can also do it,” specifies the founder. She hopes to have 1,500 in the next five years.

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