The Young Real Estate Woman of the Year

THE REAL ESTATE WOMAN She has started the first female-owned real estate fund based in Luxembourg and has a stated ambition to be a change maker when it comes to female ownership, real estate and investments. Meet Lovisa Löwenborg, the first finalist in the 2003 edition of Young Real Estate Woman of the Year.

The Young Real Estate Woman of the Year

On September 14 – next Thursday – the seminar Fastighetskvinnan will be held at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm.
Register here (no later than Friday, September 8).
One of the highlights of the seminar is the award ceremony for the Young Real Estate Woman of the Year award , which goes to a woman, born in 1987 or later, who gladly takes on challenges, is a good role model and has the potential to become a future leader in the industry.
The jury, consisting of Kristina Alvendal (ordf), Biljana Pehrsson and Johanna Skogestig , has appointed three finalists – and one of them takes home the title of Young Real Estate Woman of the Year 2023.
Over three days, we present the three finalists. First up: Lovisa Löwenborg , founder/CEO, Female Fund/Wire Invest.

Tell us about your background – how did you end up in the property industry?
– I have always been interested in the real estate market and bought my first apartment early on. I later entered the industry as an investor and since 2016 have been active by investing myself, but also opening up opportunities for women to invest in different types of projects and funds.

Tell us about the background to Female Fund/Wire Invest?
– The journey with Wire Invest has been a unique and intense journey over the past five years that has proven that many preconceived notions regarding women and real estate, investments, risk are not true. We have really built a “buzz” around how to activate women in a creative and appealing way and get them interested in wanting to get involved in social development and contribute to what our future society should look like by investing in real estate.

– Female Fund is Europe’s first female-owned real estate fund based in Luxembourg. The background to it is that women are underrepresented in more markets than the Swedish one, so I wanted to find a model for working across national borders in a larger perspective.

– The fund will target female investors also outside of Sweden and have a mostly Scandinavian property portfolio. The Female Fund brand will, with a broader aim, work to increase the female capital in the market in several ways and encourage ownership in various forms. Through that, I see that we are involved in driving the development towards a sustainable and more diversified climate in the real estate industry, like the financial world in general.

What are your professional ambitions?
– I want to continue to dare to bet and take risks to achieve goals. I want to be a change maker who is involved and drives development forward with clear results.

What will you be doing in ten years?
– I still work with issues that I am passionate about and find motivation in. I hope to still be involved and contribute in a similar way as today but with more experience and better resources. I also probably make more wise and less quick decisions, although that is also one of my biggest strengths so far in my career.

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